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Burton Canyon Estates is located on the east edge of Grace within the City limits.  Grace is located in the middle of Gem Valley near the north end of the Wasatch front.  Totally surrounded by mountains, Overlooking the East Mountainsthe valley presents a very peaceful feeling to the many visitors that come through.  Located on State Highway 34, it is on the shortest route between Salt Lake City and Yellowstone Park on what is considered a historic scenic byway. 

The City of Grace and Gem Valley has a very unique heritage.  The area was settled by pioneers late in the nineteenth century amidst much challenge, adversity and hardship.  The canal they built to water this beautiful valley, the "Last Chance Canal" is a monument to their strength of character and perseverance.  The land on which the subdivision is located was originally settled and improved by the Burton Family.  It is located close to the mountains and Burton Canyon.  Hence it's name.  It's rich soil has been planted to a variety of crops including alfalfa, grain and potatoes. 

Each lot has access to city sewer and water.  It also has curb and gutter, paved streets, and all underground utilities including gas, electricity, and telephone.  The curb and gutter features a rolled curb that allows easy access to a driveway.  The streets have a minimum of 8 inches of pit run gravel and 2 inches of crushed gravel.  A 2" layer of asphalt was placed by Bannock Paving in June of 1997 and so the streets are in excellent condition.  Each lot will be supplied with a mercury vapor type lamp that the property owner must install at the front of their lot and provide the electricity.  These lamps will provide nighttime lighting for the subdivision.

Burton Canyon LotsEach lot includes protective covenants that outline the minimum requirements for those living in the subdivision.  We envision that those who live in Burton Canyon Estates will have pride in the homes they build and the yards they maintain.  They will have a desire to be good neighbors and be concerned about their neighbors welfare.  It should be a good place to raise a family, close to school, stores and church, yet far enough away that parents won't have undue worry about where their children are or who they are playing with.  The streets are designed to minimize traffic flow. 

You will find the cost of building in Burton Canyon Estates is very reasonable.  For instance, it costs only $35.00 for a building permit and $1000 to hook onto the city sewer and water.  You will find that Grace represents the ideal place to raise a family.  We have excellent schools and our students consistently rank well above the state and national average on standardized tests.  The area has an extremely low crime rate and you can feel perfectly safe walking on the streets at night or leaving your home or car unlocked.  We do not have traffic jams or even a traffic light. 

The City has an industrial park for new businesses to locate an is an excellent location for many types of small businesses to locate.  Grace has the best climate of any community in Caribou County and you can grow an excellent garden, including corn, squash, beans, tomatoes, etc.  The nearby mountains provide some of the finest hunting in Idaho with deer and elk in abundance.  The winter season provides wonderful opportunities for snowmobiling and cross country skiing.  In addition, a multitude of nearby streams and reservoirs provides ideal fishing or water sports.  Yes, you will find that Grace and Burton Canyon Estates are an ideal place to raise a family, to retire, or to have a summer home.


Dallas and Joan Murdoch

Developers of Burton Canyon Estates


E-mail bce@graceidaho.com